The Grammy winning rapper J Cole led entertainment company Dreamville relaunched the 3 Weekend Pro Am Basketball Tournament in Chicago, the Chi-League in partnership for the first time with the iconic Wilson Sporting Goods Company, an American sports equipment manufacturer based in Chicago, Illinois after a 4-year hiatus


To develop and execute 3 culturally relevant basketball game day immersive experiences and entertainment with a Chicago community style block party feel.

To advise on alcohol, food and soft drink partners. 

To curate a list of VIP influencer invites with ties to Chicago. 

To create a standalone visual brand for the first-time co-partnership.


Chicagoans are territorial. They rep their city hard. If you’re not from there, they’ll be sure to let you know. If your zip code doesn’t start with 606, then you ain’t from Chicago.


Recognizing the territorial nature of Chicagoans, Dreamville and Wilson aimed to infuse authentic elements to captivate the Chicago hoop fans and revive the Chi-League. The pitched theme “Bonded by a Dream” guided the effort to bring this vision to life.


Collaborated closely with Dreamville Entertainment, led by J Cole, and curated game day experiences for a broad attendance audience of 8-45+.

Conducted in-depth research into local Chicago culture, identifying suitable local business and charity partners, and selecting popular in-game entertainment, such as:

  • branded giveaways, 
  • music performances by Dreamville roster artists, 
  • local organization spotlights, 
  • Dreamville artist music video showcases, 
  • dance routines from local youth groups, 
  • a hype DJ, and 
  • an audience shoot-out competition

The VIP guest list was meticulously curated, featuring local TV and radio hosts, influencers, business leaders, and more. The VIP experience included an exclusive access Dreamer-themed VIP lounge with catered food and beverages, an open bar, court-side seating, and swag bags.

Notable NBA stars like Jabari Parker and local talents graced the tournament teams, adding to the excitement. The grand finale was a wrap party held at the prestigious Soho House, culminating the successful relaunch of the Chi-League.